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About us

The Holy Name Society inspires people to personally encounter Jesus through awareness, reverence and devotion to the Most Holy Name of God and Jesus.  Disciples of the Holy Name Pray, Learn, Unite and Serve in Jesus’ Name: “Holy Name PLUS.”   The Power of the Name of Jesus is proclaimed and witnessed through the sincere love and reverence of the Holy Name in members’ speech and actions.  Individuals, families, communities – the world - are forever transformed.

Devotion is P.L.U.S.

Devotion to the Holy Name helps individuals and families encounter Jesus through four main avenues: to Pray, Learn, Unite and Serve (P.L.U.S.). 

  • Pray

The Holy Name Society help individuals and groups enter into prayer by drawing from the vast treasury of Catholic prayers and Catholic schools of prayer.  Special emphasis is placed on prayers - In His Name.  Holy Name members advance in the spiritual life through a variety of prayers, prayer methods (vocal, meditative, contemplative), and prayer techniques.

  • Learn

The Holy Name Society promotes and fosters learning of the Catholic faith for individuals and groups.  This is enabled through the availability of articles, eNewsletters, and class materials focused on different aspects and teachings of the Catholic faith.  These items are helpful for individuals; some are ideal for group settings.  “Learn” draws upon many authentic Catholic sources such as Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), writings of the Church fathers, writings of the Popes, Church documents, and articles/books/ materials/courses created by a variety of Catholic authors.

  • Unite

“… where two or three are gathered in my Name, I am there among them”

                                                                                         Matthew 18:20

Holy Name individuals join together – Unite – to Pray, Learn and Serve.  This unity is experienced at the parish, community, diocese, regional, and national level.

  • Serve

“So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.”

                                                                                         James 2:17

Holy Name individuals and groups assist those in need within their local area, putting their faith into action.  Service projects often address needs with the parish or local community.  Holy Name individuals and groups perform the Church’s Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

The Holy Name Society develops materials, programs, initiatives and activities in each of the P.L.U.S. avenues for Holy Name individuals and groups.

Disciples of the Holy Name

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …”

                                                                                         Matthew 28:19

Members of the Society are called Disciples of the Holy Name.  Disciples of the Holy Name strive to grow closer to our Lord and be as Christ to others.  They grow through prayer, learning, uniting and serving (P.L.U.S.).  Disciples may engage in devotion on their own, and also in groups with other Disciples in their local area.  To become a Disciples of the Holy Name, an individual must indicate their intent to do so by completed  and submitting the sign up form found under the link Become a Disciple of the Holy Name.

Disciples of the Holy Name may over time attain the highest level of involvement by becoming a Professed Disciple of the Holy Name.  Disciples do this by making a public profession of faith through an official induction ceremony.  This normally occurs at a local Holy Name altar at a chartered parish-based Holy Name Society.