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Shipping Fees - Based on Weight

Posted by Ron Schmitz on

We recently began using a new formula to calculate the shipping fees for any product/order.  Previously we used a formula based on the total dollar value of all things in your shopping cart.  Around March 1 we switched to a formula that uses the total weight of the items in the cart to calculate the shipping fees for your order.

In the previous formula based on dollar value, it would sometimes happen that some of you paid too much for shipping.  This was true, for example, if the items you purchased were very light (example: patch, decal, pamphlet).  The converse was also true; some didn't pay enough for the shipment of very heavy items.

The formula now being used relies upon the actual postage rates by weight from the USPS and the weight of the items in your shopping cart.  The postal rates are provided by USPS, so that part of the current method is precise.  What is still being worked on is to accurately load the weights of each of our HNS items into the webstore system.  We are still working on that and will refine it over the next few weeks.

Hopefully this new system will be better for all who purchase from the Holy Name Supply Store.  Please bear with us as we make the transition and make modifications to get it finely tuned.  Let us know of your impressions and suggestions of the new approach.  And let us know if you think the system is trying to charge too much (or too little) for the shipment of your items.  You can reach us at

Thanks for purchasing from the Holy Name Supply Store and for spreading devotion to the Holy Name of God and Jesus.  Blessed be the Name of Jesus!

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