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152-100 The Way of the Holy Name Prayer Card (Pack of 100)

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Prayer Card - The Way of the Holy Name

This prayer card is intended to be used by current Holy Name members as an item they can give to new people to help them begin to pray In His Name.  Current Holy Name members, parish groups, diocesan unions, and regional vice presidents should have many of these in hand so that they can give them out at parishes, local Catholic events, and anywhere Catholics gather.

The prayer card highlights a series of attitudes and behaviors appropriate for people who are on their journey toward Jesus In His Name.  "The Way" echos themes from the New Testament where new Christians set out on "the way" towards Jesus (Acts, 3 John).  Also Acts make mention of the positive example those of "the way" provided for others through the things they said and did In His Name.  This prayer card applies these New Testament themes to us, we who are Disciples of the Holy Name.

This is a pack of 100 prayer cards.

Each prayer card is 4" x 6".

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