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155-100 Invite to Become a New Disciple (Pack of 100)

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Invite Brochure - Become a Disciple of the Holy Name

This four-page brochure is used to invite new people to become part of the Holy Name Society.  The way new people initially enter the Holy Name Society in is by signing up to become a Disciple of the Holy Name.

This brochure explains:

  • what New Disciples are and do.
  • how the Holy Name Society assists New Disciples.
  • how New Disciples sign up.

This brochure is intended to be used by current Holy Name members as an item they can give to new people to bring them into the Holy Name Society.  Current Holy Name members, parish groups, diocesan unions, and regional vice presidents should have many of these in hand so that they can give them out at parishes, local Catholic events, and anywhere Catholics gather.

The brochure has four pages.  Each page is 4.25" x 7".

This is a pack of 100 brochures.

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