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150-100 A Collection of Holy Name Prayers (Pack of 100)

  • $ 35.00

This is a pack of quantity 100 of item #150 - the Collection of Holy Name Prayers.

This 16 page booklet is a collection of Holy Name prayers. It is intend to help all people pray In His Name.

This booklet is sent by the Holy Name Society to each New Disciple of the Holy Name when they sign up on this website as a New Disciple.  This item is shipped to New Disciples at no cost as part of the New Disciple Welcome Packet.

Parish and Diocesan Holy Name Societies might also be interested in purchasing this item to give to their existing members.  However, parish and diocesan Holy Name groups should not purchase this item to give to new members.  New members should sign up on this site as a New Disciple - then the will receive this item for no cost - no cost to the new member and no cost to the parish or diocesan union.

The booklet is 16 pages, stapled, 3.5" wide by 7" tall.

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